Why JCS Leather?

"You've Tried The Rest—Now Try The Best!"

"Seriously?" You’re probably thinking. "You’re using that line to persuade me to buy?"

Don’t worry. Just like you, JCS Leather knows how to dress up a classic.

You've Tried The Rest: You've spent hundreds on leather, only for it to crack within weeks. You’ve tried thrift—but it smelled like shit. You’ve bought online — but it took forever to get your order. When you finally got it...the quality was so terrible, you refused to keep it and sent it back for a refund.

Times are tough. Is it possible to get elite leather products, without breaking the bank? How are you supposed to upgrade to the most bad-ass leather accessories on planet Earth?! 

We’re glad you asked...

Now Try The Best: JCS Leather is an exclusive collection, designed specifically forGROWN ASS MEN.This collection cannot be found anywhere else. Our pieces are uniquely handcrafted with 100% premium, aniline napa leather & high-performance polyurethane leather. 

That Means:

- No more cracking

- No more disgusting smells

- No more outrageously long shipping times

- No more wasting money on cheap, overpriced garbage

You're a flawless motherfucker. You deserve flawless leather.

EXCELLENCE. EXCLUSIVITY. AUDACITY. CONVICTION. VANITY. This is what we sell to deliver the most exhilarating, unforgettable buying experience you'll ever have. Period. 

If that’s not enough, we also have an Airtight Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

1) Secure Ordering: Our state-of-the-art encrypted SSL website security, means your information is safe. Not everyone can promise that online.

2) Lifetime Guarantee: If your product(s) arrive severely damaged, broken or does not fit correctly...simply initiate the return within 30 days of receiving your order, mail it back to us and get a full refund. It’s that easy. 

3) Premium Materials: We're beyond confident you’ll obsess over our leather products. Check out our 5-star reviews. READ THEM THOROUGHLY. The customer's always right ;)

4) Free 3-5 Day Worldwide Shipping: They say fast beats free. We say, why not both. Speed is king.

5) Born In The USA: JCS Leather is a US Army, veteran-owned company based out of New York, USA. Our Founder/CEO, Justin C. Santana (above photo) is on a relentless mission to provide the most bad-ass leather accessories on planet Earth.   

You’ve tried the rest—now try the best. JCS Leather. Let’s go.